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Merci Beaucookie!

Posted By IsaChandra On October 1, 2009 @ 12:00 am In Uncategorized | 48 Comments

When we do favors we do them out of the kindness of our heart and shouldn’t really expect much in return, but wouldn’t a thank you be so much more heartfelt if you could eat it? Cookies show that you really mean it. Mean it enough to spend a half hour in the kitchen whipping up a batch.

I’ve been trying to make it a point to thank people more often, which means baking more often. This week I had two people to thank but I didn’t really have anything fancy to pack the cookies in. Yes, a plastic baggy full of cookies is a wonderful gift, but I wanted something a little more impressive. Turns out that empty tea boxes are the perfect vehicle for cookies and they’re the kind of thing everyone has around the house. And if they’re not empty, pull out a couple of bags and voila!

To make them even cuter, and also to provide a little padding, line the bottom with a few extra tea packets that you think will go well with the cookies. Here I’ve chosen some cranberry tea to go with cranberry white chocolate cookies. You can’t see them because they’re hidden but I promise they are there! You can use the inside of the box as your card. This one was for the guy at the bike shop that put my seat on after it had been stolen. He also put on my lights, which is very cool because usually trying to figure out those light straps ends with me and a roll of duct tape and a lot of cursing. But the reason I really wanted to thank him was that if you’ve ever been an idiot in a bike shop, you’ll notice that the employees pretty much treat you like an idiot in a bike shop. But this guy was really nice about it, so he gets cookies!

Some glittery kitty cat stickers would have been cute, too.

On this, the first evening of VeganMoFo, how about figuring out who you could thank? Even if it’s for some silly reason. Hint: No one has ever baked me cookies!

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