Post Punk Kitchen 100

16) Raised Donuts

Photo by Kelly Peloza

(photo by Kelly Peloza)

To heck with baking powder. We want honest-to-goodness, old-fashioned, pure-as-the-driven-snow, no-buts-about-it, salt-of-the-earth, yeast leavened donuts! And by golly in 2012 we got ‘em. Pepples Donuts began offering raised and glazed in addition to seasonal fritters (apple! banana!) and Red Rabbit Bakery in August made their raised varieties available all over Austin Texas and beyond. (Including Wheatesville co-op, land of the Popcorn Tofu.) Word from the wise: try the maple and the jelly filled! Bay Area Whole Foods also started carrying their own house-made donuts and not only are they scrumptious, they’re also regular-donut priced. BRING THOSE DONUTS TO OMAHA BOYS!

Of course, there are still the old stand-bys: Ronald’s in Vegas, Voodoo Donuts, Vegan Treats and last year’s #25 on the PPK list,  Dunwell Donuts. Rumor has it, the following establishments also carry the good stuff: Rise Above in Niagara, and Doughbots in Sacramento.

Make the donuts pictured above:  Raspberry White Wine Glazed Donuts