Post Punk Kitchen 100

22) Homemade Tempeh

Image from Vegan Fazool

This is certainly the year that vegans got into, um, mold. As a waitress, I always dreaded explaining to customers what my beloved tempeh was. The best I could do was “It’s a fermented soy bean patty. But it’s really good!” I mean, seriously, the Indonesians have been rocking it deliciously for centuries and you can do. Jasmin and Mariann say “This year we got a tempeh maker! And actually it’s not just that we *got* a tempeh maker, but Seth Tibbott — Mr. Tofurky himself — sent it to us. The weird thing is, the machine to make it is a Hova Bator, which is usually used to hatch eggs — horrific, right? But we’re reclaiming that, throwing away oppression, and making moldy soy beans instead.”

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