Post Punk Kitchen 100

23) VegOut App

Veganism is no longer clinging to the coasts. I am living proof of that, but if you take a road trip, you might be pleasantly surprised with what you find. Jasmin and Marian bear witness. “While driving across the country earlier this year, we randomly consulted with our “VegOut” app somewhere in Illinois. What we did not expect — but nonetheless discovered — was a 100% vegan micro-brewery and restaurant, in (what seemed to us, anyway) the middle of nowhere. (We interviewed the owner, Brian Endl, on Episode 131 of our podcast)” You didn’t have to twist our arms to try their “Coffee Express,” which was “Stout Brewed with U.S. Coffee Malt.” It went perfectly with the Magic Mushroom — a heavenly sandwich made up of marinated portobello mushroom, and served on a pretzel roll. This place might be our favorite vegan find ever.

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