Post Punk Kitchen 100

28) Virtual Vegan Potluck

No more lugging that steamy casserole to Timbuk 3, where it gets all cold and someone let’s their dog sniff it. No. Now you can potluck from the comfort of your own home! This blogging event is just pure joy, and if it sounds complicated, it…well, maybe it is. Here’s what’s up: “This is all going to sound complicated, but it’s really not. The Potluck is simply a good, old-fashioned blog circle, meaning that one blog links to the one before it and the one after it and so on – to create a chain of sorts – where all of the participating blogs are connected. Readers can easily go from one blog to the next (or the one preceding) with a click of their mouse. It does, however, require a little bit of coding work on your part. I’ll explain exactly what you have to do, so don’t worry about it.” The next one is Spring of 2013, so grease up your Dutch Oven.

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