Post Punk Kitchen 100

30) Jorge Garcia and Nooch Toast

I had suspected that Jorge was vegan just from reading his blog, but when he posted a picture of himself with tots and two kinds of hot sauce, I knew.  So I posted the question on the PPK message boards and he answered us!  Not only did he answer us, but he posted about nooch toast on his blog just to let us know that yes, it was really him.  He took all of our squealing in stride, told us about his show Alcatraz (which was awesome, eff you Fox!), and most importantly, he said my dog  is cute.  Vegan celebrities come and go, but Jorge’s blog will always be awesome and full of cute dog pictures and lighthearted humor.  If you want to watch him at his day job, check out episodes 6 and and 13 of season 2 of Once Upon a Time. (by Katie)
Check out his blog:  Further Dispatches