Post Punk Kitchen 100

33) LA’s Vegan Beer Fest

The LA Vegan Beer and Food Fest is a celebration of craft beer, meatless fare and local music on an epic level. Established in 2010 by The Roxy, Tony’s Darts Away and Quarrygirl, it is the world’s first vegan beer festival and continues grow each year with more vendors, more breweries, more bands, and more attendees. For vegans who imbibe, crave indulgent food and enjoy rock music, there’s no better event than this.

The world’s one and only Vegan Beer Fest is a celebration of vegan beer, food and music on an epic level. Now in its third year, the fest will host X craft beers, Y food, and Z bands and there will be record attendance as it expands into a space over twice the size of prior years. (By Quarrygirl)

Keep up-to-date with this year’s festival on May 4th:  Tumblr