Post Punk Kitchen 100

36) Traditional Pickling

There’s all sorts of things calling themselves pickles these days. But what about good old fasioned pickly pickles? Troy says “We’ve gotten super into traditional pickling, or home fermentation, meaning making pickled vegetables (and fruits) by curing with salt for an hour or so and then packing in a sealable jar with fresh water and letting them sit in a dark, room-temperature place for anywhere from two days to a week to create a natural brine. It’s awesome. You can do it with pretty much anything and it’s crazy easy. It’s how traditional pickled cucumbers (or ‘pickles’ as some people call them), sauerkraut, and kimchi are all made. We just made a special Thanksgiving pickle—cut up beets, red cabbage, fresh cranberries, and carrots—that both tastes great and look real purdy.”

Follow your pickling dreams: a guide.