Post Punk Kitchen 100

37) Spherification & Pearls

Vegans went molecular for 2012! Over at Olives For Dinner, there were some lovely little beads of Gingerade Kombucha Caviar and detailed instructions on how to do it yourself.  The Dirt Candy cookbook includes a much lauded recipe for The Roasted Potato Soup with Tomato Pearls.

And Lagusta’s been having some fun with agar’s gelling abilities. “I garnished a cold lemon zucchini soup with what I called Lemon Thyme Crystals this summer, and people loved  it. I just made a strong tea with lemon thyme from my garden, then thickened it with agar (by heating around one cup of tea with maybe half a tablespoon of agar powder I whisked in, let it come to a boil, added some lemon juice, then I let it set up in the fridge until it was firm), then I ground it in the food processor until it had a nice texture and mouthfeel—little shards or tiny balls of really intense flavor. It was something really unexpected that everyone asked about it. I thought about this idea because for a while at my shop we were obsessed with freaking our friends out by making them what we called ‘ice water’ with ice cubes that were water thickened with agar. This freaked no one out, mostly because the agar cubes were slightly grey (hello, seaweed!) and everyone poked them and said, ‘Is this agar?’ before drinking the glass.  Ah well!”

Haha, well I for one, would have been freaked out!

Get the recipe pictured above:  Gingerade Kombucha Caviar