Post Punk Kitchen 100

27) Skittles juice

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Lots of people were trying to make me put “Skittles are vegan!” on this list but fork that garbage. 2011 was all about the green juice, and this one just happens to taste like Skittles. Granny smith apples, lemon, ginger and a lot of parsley. Sublime and addictive. Others agree on the juice tip. Columnist Laura Beck uses a down and dirty method. “The one thing I took away from Crazy Sexy Diet was an appreciation for Green Juice. Kale, an apple, cucumber, a little lemon, and juice the &%#!! out of it.”

And podcaster Jasmin Singer goes against my belief system and puts greens in smoothies. But y’all like it so I’ll let you have it. “Throwing frozen spinach into smoothies. No need to cook them — just throw them in your Vitamix or other high-quaility blender, along with some frozen fruit, chia seeds, dates, and water or non-dairy milk. Makes a great breakfast and you won’t even be able to taste the spinach.”

Food photographer Any Gedgaudus says that she uses her juicer everyday, and recommends this one from Harvest Essentials.