Post Punk Kitchen 100

3) Pinterest

Image from Have Fun Do Good

It started off as a whisper. We gingerly set about creating a digital scrapbook of our favorite pics, pinning and repinning, oohing and ahhing. Not at pictures of friends and family of course, but of a stranger’s dinner! If you’re a visual person and always looking for culinary inspiration, then Pinterest is the site for you. It’s definitely gaining in popularity – when I check my own web stats the second biggest referral site (after Facebook) is Pinterest! Check out what a search for “vegan” will return. I think Lazy Smurf described it best: “Instead of organizing your bookmarks as text you save them as pictures. We all know how inspiring pictures are in cookbooks when deciding what to make so having a whole board of them makes menu planning fun. Most people divide their boards into groups like ‘summer grilling’ or ‘chocolate’ so you can at a glance get a lot of ideas. Plus you will discover new food blogs and find about a million recipes to veganize. And you can start a cute animals board like all the other vegans.”

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