Post Punk Kitchen 100

42) Steamed Veggies

Image from Simply Recipes

I cringe when people use “steamed veggies” pejoratively. As in “Vegan food isn’t just steamed veggies!” It is actually quite a beautiful thing to prepare steamed veggies just right.  2011 saw us revisiting this time honored technique and enjoying crisp, fresh flavors with homemade sauces. Tip: salt veggies before steaming to get the salt to melt right in and flavor the veggies perfectly. Then use your Magic Bullet (item #6 on the PPK 100 ) to throw together a dressing with garlic, miso, tahini a little balsamic and thinned with water. Jasmin Singer recommends an electric vegetable steamer. She says “It always creates perfectly steamed veggies, without the guess-work. And requires far less dishes than the many pots and pans needed to make a diverse steamed veggie platter.” I have no idea how she finds the counter space in her NYC apartment, but if she can, so can you!