Post Punk Kitchen 100

5) Massaged Kale Salads

Kale works SO hard. Doesn’t it deserve a massage? Kneading the dressing and salt into leathery kale transforms the leafs into something supple and sublime. When I asked everyone on Twitter for their favorite kale recipe I got something close to 2 billion responses. The verdict is in: y’all love your massaged kale salad. Musician Johanna Fateman says “I think kneading it is crucial to rub the salt in and break the kale down so it’s tender. Or else it doesnt really marinate and stays tough. Don’t quote me on the science of that. I’m guessing but it really seems true. You really knead it like dough!” Sorry Johanna, I quoted you on the science.

Choosing Raw’s Massaged Kale Salad with Miso Sesame dressing

The Blissful Chef’s Kale With Sweet Mustard Dressing