Post Punk Kitchen 100

50) Cast Iron Pan

Image from Sheryl Canter

We’ve been touting the cast iron pan for years, and it seems that the rest of the vegan world is finally getting it. Jason Das caught on. “I got a ginourmous cast-iron pan (Lodge Logic L14SK3 Pre-Seasoned 15 Inch Cast-Iron Skillet, to be precise). I can barely lift it, but I can cook so much and so well in it, and it easily doubles as a baking sheet.” True, they’re hard to lift, but get yourself a silicone handle sleeve to protect your paws in case you try. And don’t miss this blogpost about seasoning cast iron, it’s a real life saver. It’ll save you from killing your boyfriend when you return from vacay to find your precious cast iron covered in beer batter and rust. I’m not naming names.