Post Punk Kitchen 100

55) Blendtec

If you don’t want to blend your soaked cashews forever, and you have $400 bucks burning a hole in your sugar jar, than a Blendtec may be the way to go for you. Create juices, sauces, and nut butters! And reduce grains into fine flour in mere seconds. Sarah Kramer can testify. “I’ve heard for years about how ‘power blenders’ change your life but it wasn’t till this year (when I got a BlendTec) that I realized all the ‘change your life’ talk is true! ” And Terry Hope Romero adds “I felt like a jerk buying a $400 blender last January, but I can’t think of a day I don’t use it.” And if you’re wondering about the VitaMix, that get’s Laura Beck’s vote. She says “VitaMix! That thing can make HOT SOUP from COLD INGREDIENTS. The motor is insane! Plus, I think it has a lifetime warranty so go crazy.”

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