Post Punk Kitchen 100

66) Steamed Dumplings and Assorted Wheat gluten at House Of Vegetarian, NYC

Image from h-bomb on flickr

This was my favorite vegan meal in the world in 1989. So why is it on the PPK 100 for 2011? Because since I left NYC, there is plenty of food I miss (I’m looking at you Candle 79 Wild Mushroom Salad with Tempeh.) But there is nothing, nothing, I crave like the assorted wheat gluten and steamed dumplings at House Of Vegetarian on Mott St. Most people skip this old school spot in favor of their sister restaurant Vegetarian Dum Sum house, but don’t. If you think you’ve had good dumplings before, just wait until you sink your teeth into the glutinous rice dough dumplings. HOV Protip: Skip the duck sauce and smother your dumplings right into the four sauces on the wheat gluten.