Post Punk Kitchen 100

87) Ancient Harvest Quinoa Pasta

This is the best packaged pasta in the world, gluten-free or not! But let’s show not tell: Specimen A: I am not gluten free, in fact, I crave gluten. I am that annoying person who has to have gluten at every meal, who claims that xanthan gum gives her a stomach ache, who snorts vital wheat gluten flour. Specimen B: My boyfriend won’t ever touch my healthy whole wheat pasta. No matter how creamy and dreamy the sauce, he always insists that the pasta tastes “wheaty.” But we both adore Ancient Harvest Quinoa Pasta! Especially the linguine. There’s something about it that actually tastes like homemade al dente semolina pasta. It’s got a really great bite and the taste is neutral enough not to have a 70s healthfood after taste, but also flavorful enough that it does add something delicious to the meal. I can’t recommend this stuff enough!

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