Post Punk Kitchen 100

95) Fresh Yuba

Image from The Cookbook Chronicles

Tofu skin! It’s usually available in dried form, and you have to reconstitute it and the whole rigmarole, but if you can get it fresh, snatch it up. Or make it yourself! It’s wonderful braised and stuffed with all kinds of mushrooms and miso, or tossed into Vietnamese style noodle soups. Or you can use it in Italian dishes, stuffed with tofu ricotta, topped with red sauce and toasted pine nuts. You can also find it in Japanese restaurants, either as a wrapper for sushi fillings or stuffed inside a roll.

“ I haven’t found it fresh in many places outside Japan but when I do it is absolutely incredible. This year I scored some from Hodo Soy in Oakland.” – Gabrielle Pope

Recipe for Yuba Maki from Messy Vegetarian Cook

And another for homemade yuba