Post Punk Kitchen 100

98) Cooking For Someone You Love

Alltogether now…”Awwwww.” Times are tight, the best way to tell someone you love them is to make them dinner. Or breakfast in bed. This showed up on at least a dozen of your lists. The kids at Raven & Crow have made a ritual out of it. They call it Solo Suppers: “You know how many of us tend to fall into routines in the kitchen? Like, one of you is ‘the cook’ or ‘the dishes washer’ or ‘that dude who just sits there and does nothing.’ This was our attempt and kicking that trend. Taking turns, one of us takes over the entire menu and prep for the night, calling all the shots and trying anything they want. Solo Supper-er even does the dishes so they’re responsible for what they dirty up in the process. The other person’s only responsibility is to kick back and relax. And think up their menu for next go ’round.”

And Alan Dubinsky says “Having a lovely spouse committed to making awesome gluten meats made 2011 incredibly tasty. Seitan? Check. Pepperoni? Yup. Pastrami? Yes, and how! Everyone needs an S.O. down with the wheat.”