Vegan Pie In The Sky

Holidays? Check. Birthdays? Check. Tuesdays? Check! Our research says life is 100% better any day pie is involved. There’s nothing like a rich, gooey slice of apple pie straight from the oven, baked in a perfectly flaky crust and topped with cinnamon-sugar. And now it can be yours, along with dozens more mouthwatering varieties, vegan at last and better than ever.

There are few moments in life that can’t be improved with a slice of pie. Cakes and cookies and even cupcakes are iconic in their own right, but pie says “sit down, feel right at home, you’re with friends now”. Not just layers of pastry and filling, pie is comforting, approachable yet entirely enticing. Can you picture Agent Cooper from Twin Peaks waxing over a piece of angle food cake? No way. His black coffee must come saddled with a slice of honest cherry pie.

Paging though the book it’s apparent that our definition of “pie” is a generously proportioned net, scooping up unlikely items such as cheesecakes, cobblers and even a crostata or a buckle. From deliciously simple fruit pies, to creamy, dreamy pumpkin cheesecake, we’ve got you covered! Covered in flour, that is.

This book was a labor of love for us and we hope that the recipes bring you happiness and joy for years to come. Try a few sample recipes out and purchase the book on Amazon.